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Google Chrome tile start menu color SCCM baseline

Windows 20H2 has fixed the start menu tiles so the colors are not all over the place, however apps can […]

Stopping mandatory SCCM Reboot last minute

Open an elevated powershell window and run the commands: To use it in a run script and get feedback we […]

Office 2019 Fails to activate - Windows Virtual Desktop

Office will fail to activate because Microsoft sets the KMS server in the registry which overrides any method of finding […]

Revisiting how SCCM imports and names images

When capturing the image using build and capture, you have the option of setting a description. This description used to […]

Microsoft Orchestrator Error 405: The requested operation requires Publish permissions on the Runbook

If you get this error using MDT to run a book or using the SCOJobRunner.exe tool, grant the network access account  […]

Slow Software Center search results

Currently Software Center will use WMI to query all available software for the computer, then it will ask the management […]

Apply Operating System: Download() failed. 80072efe

  If you get this error try adding this command line to your task sequence cmd.exe /c Wpeutil disablefirewall   […]

Task Sequence can't find a dependency that doesn't exit

When I see 'Failed to run Task Sequence - This task sequence cannot be run because the program files for […]

Moving the Content Library to remote share tips

The Move When moving the content library we ran into a few issues, the main one was that the process […]