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Task Sequence stops responding during msi install

Recently trying to deploy Nitro PDF Pro during OSD the task sequence would just hang. This is due to the […]

CM Console fails to connect to site server due to WDAC

If you have WDAC deployed and included the recommended block rules the console will install but not correctly due to […]

Future Broadband Referral code

Refer-a-friend! Enter my Future Broadband code HWU9435 to get $35 credit and an additional 1000GB bonus in your data bank! Why? […]

Inject dot net 3.5 into Windows 11 wim before adding image to SCCM

Previously Windows has been ok with using a dot net package from a different month, so you could add it […]

citrix vda upgrade task sequence

Update Citrix VDA with SCCM Task Sequence

Citrix is not great Install VDA Step 1 (Important bits bold): VDAWorkstationSetup_2206.exe /controllers "controller1 controller2 controller3 controller4" /remotepc /quiet /noreboot […]

Remove PXE from HyperV Boot order

My VMs flood the network when PXE boots. Not sure of why, but to keep security happy I have removed […]

CLOUDAPP.NET:443. Exception: System.Net.WebException: The remote name could not be resolved

If you get this error in the SMS_CLOUD_PROXYCONNECTOR.log you probably followed some nice tutorial but are using a different country […]

Distribute content to a DP based on Collection deployments

Looks like SCCM doesn't distribute packages already assigned to the collection when you add a DP to that collection's properties. […]

IIS Application Pool 503 errors

I finally got around to installing the ConfigMgr Webservice to test out BIOS updates. Set it all up, however it […]

SecretLab Australian Referral code

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