Update Citrix VDA with SCCM Task Sequence

Citrix is not great Install VDA Step 1 (Important bits bold): VDAWorkstationSetup_2206.exe /controllers "controller1 controller2 controller3 controller4" /remotepc /quiet /noreboot […]

Remove PXE from HyperV Boot order

My VMs flood the network when PXE boots. Not sure of why, but to keep security happy I have removed […]

Future Broadband Referral code

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CLOUDAPP.NET:443. Exception: System.Net.WebException: The remote name could not be resolved

If you get this error in the SMS_CLOUD_PROXYCONNECTOR.log you probably followed some nice tutorial but are using a different country […]

Distribute content to a DP based on Collection deployments

Looks like SCCM doesn't distribute packages already assigned to the collection when you add a DP to that collection's properties. […]

IIS Application Pool 503 errors

I finally got around to installing the ConfigMgr Webservice to test out BIOS updates. Set it all up, however it […]

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80244007 wsus sccm client error

If you get the following error in WindowsUpdate.log (after running Get-WindowsUpdateLog):InvalidParametersparameters.OtherCachedUpdateIDs80244007 You probably have too many updates on your update […]

OSD hangs at 'Just a moment' during debugging

There is a KB article on this Computer hangs in an OSD task sequence debug mode - Configuration Manager | […]

Google Chrome tile start menu color SCCM baseline

Windows 20H2 has fixed the start menu tiles so the colors are not all over the place, however apps can […]