Windows store apps like Calc don't open if you enable 'Delete cached copies of roaming profiles'

If you enable the group policy 'Delete cached copies of roaming profiles' apps like calc, calendar, weather stop working. If you […]

Build and Capture fails if KB3160005 IE sec cumulative update is installed

Update: Adding more scratch space to the boot wim seems to have resolved the problem on Windows 10, Windows 7 seems to […]


Using Dell Command Update vs Driver Packs

I really want to do less work, more automation so I tested out using the Dell Repository Manager as my […]

running powershell osd

Do stuff if computer is on a certain subnet during OSD

For our new machines they will be getting OSD'd offsite so we want to  skip some task sequence steps such […]

slow login netapp

Slowwww Windows 10 Login when using NetApp for Folder Redirection

There is an issue that causes the login to be significantly slower when using Folder Redirection and NetApp. The problem […]

admin portal shortcut

Adding Admin Elevated websites to trusted sites/intranet/etc

It's very easy to customize the trusted sites for users by using group policy preferences without locking the settings down […]


Distribution point not updating - Rare situation to do with missing INI files in SCCMContentLib

Recently we had a problem google couldn't fix! 1 package would not go on to all but 1 Distribution point. […]


Set up keyboard language bar for all users in Windows 10

Previously when deploying Windows you could use the command 'control.exe intl.cpl,,/f:"languages.xml' with some funky xml identifying what keyboards you wanted, […]

Using Edge browser enterprise mode

Microsoft Edge and Enterprise Mode

Microsoft really wants everyone to use it's shiny new browser, and I think everyone should. It is a completely new […]

revoke this cert now

Revoke the eDellRoot Certificate using Group Policy

While most enterprise machines should not have the software installed that adds the Dell certificate it's better to be safe […]