Format failed (0x80070057) during task sequence.






If this is happening to you I recommend importing the boot wim again creating a new one and only adding the network drivers (in the surface pro 3 case) and test using that boot wim with a copy of your task sequence. Then add existing sata/network drivers you need for other devices using latest versions.

I recieved an email from someone that has the same issue, he noticed that Microsoft ships with either a Hynix SSD or a Samsung SSD. The Samsung SSD has never had any issues. From my SCCM data we have 20% Hynix drives - possibly due to change of hard drive supply or shortage, I'm not sure. This will explain why you may be going crazy not understanding why encountering imaging issues after having success.

In this scenario the formatting of the disk fails and then the disk just dissapears even in diskpart until next reboot.

Solution is to get the correct SATA driver for the device. This happened on one of the Surface Pro 3's yet all the others imaged fine. Using the driver provided by the driver pack in the boot wim the task sequence was able to successfully format the disk.


Text from the smsts.log:



  1. Hi

    I am also facing similar issue, did you figured out solution to this yet?


    • Author
      Jay Connor June 7, 2016 Reply

      We don't have the issue anymore, our wim is WINPE 10 though.

  2. Gavin Silversides September 15, 2016 Reply

    I had a Similar issue. I went into the bios and disabled secure boot and made it so that you can boot both legacy and UEFI. Hope this Helps.

  3. Having a similar issues using WinPE10. It's maddening. Can't seem to find a way around it. The driver for the SSD where is that located in the driver package?

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