October, 2020

Stopping mandatory SCCM Reboot last minute

Open an elevated powershell window and run the commands:

#Stop SCCM Service
stop-service ccmExec
#Disable Task that starts service on workstation unlock
Disable-ScheduledTask -TaskPath "Microsoft\Configuration Manager" -TaskName "Configuration Manager Passport for Work Certificate Enrollment Task"
#cancel any pending restart
shutdown -a

Office 2019 Fails to activate - Windows Virtual Desktop

Office will fail to activate because Microsoft sets the KMS server in the registry which overrides any method of finding the on-prem kms.

You can deploy a reg to remove these settings. I don't know how that's going to play with the multi-user version but might be ok...

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SoftwareProtectionPlatform]

Revisiting how SCCM imports and names images

When capturing the image using build and capture, you have the option of setting a description.

This description used to be part of the image name when importing, at some point that changed and no longer worked.

This image description was set for the wim, where as when importing the image description SCCM was looking for to set the name in SCCM based on the image index.

A workaround to this was to use imagex to set the description on the image index

In my scenario the import would look like

Then something changed

Images now import using the Image Index name, and description replacing spaces with dashes (Still never using the one in the capture step).

At this point I was confused to what happened so I turned off my Set Image Description.

This was the result (default I guess):

It's now using Image Index Number-Image-Index Description.wim with dashes replacing spaces.

So you can set the image index description by imagex (I don't think there's an equivalent dism command) and deal with the extra junk, that's the best you can do as far as I know without looking at a powershell import cmdlet equivalent (New-CMOperatingSystemImage).

My Current Build capture and outcome:

Future Broadband NBN Referral code

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Australian NBN provider Future Broadband has some good deals going and many benefits. Being on a business grade network you can be sure it is going to be reliable. You also get a free static IP.

It isn't unlimited but unused data can be used in later months adding to your databank. Having the databank means you can switch to cheaper plans saving money every month, on top of this you can pre-pay 6 months and save 8%.

Future Broadband NBN Plans / More info on referral program

Router Settings

On your cutover day (usually 8AM) you need to set your router to use vlan 100 and set the IP to static with the supplied information in your welcome email. Don't fret if the internet isn't up straight away, it can take about an hour on their backend for the config to complete.

On ASUS Merlin routers such as RT-AC86U you first set the static IP settings under WAN

Then set the VLAN to Manual - VID 100 under LAN > IPTV
(This is not required for FTTP)