Single Functioning Software updates

New Winzip!

We get to package WinZip every version, and it got me thinking they could have probably stopped at maybe version 2 or well when they added Rar and Iso support. It seems they started adding random stuff to it around version 8.
One version they decided to add a feature that deleted files on USB drives.
I like that they skipped 13. I think they can stop now, adding a zip to cloud won't make using files any easier!

WinDVD, I don't know much about this software however their developers must be running out of things to do, when the installer is this bright blue 3d spaceship thingy that almost crashes my machine and downloads itself it makes me think they are running out of things to do as well.

Flash - Needs to go away, not sure what they can add to it however they could make their installer more enterprise friendly.

Dropbox - Is one of my favorite apps, hope it doesn't go to silly. Maybe they will add cloud to zip, take that WinZIp!



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