Distribution point not updating - Rare situation to do with missing INI files in SCCMContentLib


Recently we had a problem google couldn't fix! 1 package would not go on to all but 1 Distribution point. Even creating a new package it would fail.

The DPs smsdpprov.log displayed

[B84][Sun 03/13/2016 06:31:48]:MoveFileW failed for G:\SCCMContentLib\FileLib\EB90\EB90C09879C4D86BB5FD5EAB
7245DC68C9588661A38AC76945A4E6F99789CCE9.INI to H:\SCCMContentLib\FileLib\EB90\EB90C09879C4D86BB5FD5EAB
[B84][Sun 03/13/2016 06:31:48]:CFileLibrary::AddFile failed; 0x80070002
[B84][Sun 03/13/2016 06:31:48]:CFileLibrary::AddFile failed; 0x80070002
[B84][Sun 03/13/2016 06:31:48]:CContentDefinition::AddFile failed; 0x80070002
[B84][Sun 03/13/2016 06:31:48]:Failed to add file 'Install-file.exe' to content library. Error code: 0X80070002


This was due to the files already being in the content library on the DPs with the same hash values however this one time the required INI and SIG files weren't created. After trying everything I thought would fix it I had to resort to hacking the content library, luckily I had one DP that had a good copy of the package.

On the working DP copy out

DRIVE:\\SCCMContentLib\DataLib\PKGID.Version Folder

and transfer them to the faulty DP, then in the console remove the DP from the package, monitor smsdpprov.log for this line

[1AC4][Mon 03/14/2016 09:26:31]:Successfully removed content definition for MU200834.1

then add the DP back to the package.


  1. Thx, it worked for me to.....

  2. This was the only thing that worked for me when I could not distribute a package to just one DP. And there were no errors showing up to indicate the problem, just as if the action was not being taken at all. Thanks! This problem occurred after I ran the content library cleanup tool so I'm thinking something got messed up during that process.

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