Citrix Fixes - Nvivo 12.2

Issue: Doesn't stay activated. Checks for updates.

To fix this after installing Nvivo, uninstall it.

Copy the msi and mst, cab files to C:\ProgramData\NVivo_Install

Import the scheduled task 'Scheduled Task - NVIVO Install.xml'

Copy user.config, Nvivo.vbs, Nvivo.ps1 to C:\ProgramData\NVivo_Install

Edit the PS1 file - This script runs on start up of the worker servers, so it will only install Nvivo if it conforms to the naming standard MV*

Change the install command for your files.


In Citrix make the location:

Path: wscript.exe

Arguments: "C:\ProgramData\NVivo_Install\Nvivo.vbs"


Download Fixes


The vbs wrapper copies config to Appdata folder that may change in the future.

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