Adding custom programs to the Set Default Programs UI


Hi, today I wanted the CMTrace tool to be recognised in the Set Default Programs control panel applet. There is a bit of information on the net but it's confusing.

In the registry you can set the program, launch arguments, file types and icon. This can be used for any app by modifying the reg file.


Download reg file


Once added you may like to use DISM.exe to extract your chosen defaults and import during your task sequence.


  1. default app associations does not write CMTrace or any other log tool. Best way is to create own script for that.

    Also the recommended path for enterprise in to use Default user registry, not current user.

    Apart from that, great post, i like the registry, i have to test if that will work. many thanks

    • Author

      Thanks I think.

      The reg sets up cmtrace in Local machines classes root
      - Ignore the first key (My default user Hive is loaded into that key during task sequence step)

      First DISM command runs against current user logged in to export default app settings
      Dism /Online /Export-DefaultAppAssociations:Defaults.xml

      Second would be the one to run during task sequence after reg import, that sets default users app associations

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