February, 2014

Powershell script to clean up IIS's log file mess


Management Point's rely heavily on IIS and IIS loves to log a lot which will fill up your hard drive. Here's a script that deletes logs older than 14 days. Location and amount of days can be changed easily.

We have ours scheduled to run monthly on site systems using IIS.


Automate sending out Windows Update Reports for ADR Rules.

Automate sending reports

Each patch Tuesday a pilot group gets the updates and receives an excel report on what is being deployed, you can automate this with ConfigMgr!

1. Create a collection such as
Monthly ADR Report Group - DO NOT REMOVE

2. Next we need to create a dummy ADR rule that is deployed to the collection you have made but not enabled, as this is only used for reporting we dont need to create new Software Update Groups . Fill this in with the updates you want to report and set it to run after your other ADR rules.

3. Run the rule now to create the deployment. You can monitor ruleengine.log on the site server to verify it completes.

4. Under Monitoring Reporting Reports find 'Management 3 - Updates in a deployment' and right click then 'Create Subscription'

Update: Use Complaince 3 - Update group (per update) as it doesn't require a machine in the collection to work.


5. Fill out the email fields and click Include Report and change to the file type you want to send.


6. Set the date to run after your ADR Rule runs.


7.  You can also edit this under subscriptions and change it to today's date to test it.

8. All done, thx be happy!

Orchestrator RunBook Designer Launcher!

Launches Rockets

Unfortunately Orchestrator only remembers the last server you connected to.

I got sick of having to type in different servers for DEV, QAT and PROD so I created a nice GUI with powershell to launch each environment.

Source code and PowerShell Studio file download OrchestratorLauncher.zip

It edit's the XML config file then launches the runbook designer. You would need to change the $FilePath if you are running Windows x86.

Microsoft Configuration Manager Support Center

Configuration Manager Support Center

Have you ever needed someone to collect logs off a machine and came to find that the vital log you wanted wasn't collected? Lost in the sea of logs?

Microsoft feels your pain!

Microsoft has released an excellent support tool to assist in troubleshooting ConfigMgr. It can collect logs, policys, wmi, registry etc; from remote or local machines. Also includes a log viewer that groups logs by function. I think it will eventually replace CMTrace.

It's in BETA so read the release notes!  Update: It's released!