June, 2014

OSD Black screen of death.


After using a new captured image (Win 7 x64) certain machines were not completing OSD and ending up at a black screen with just a mouse cursor.
Dell T1700, E6440, E7240, M4800. This was after the May patching, the only update that has been reported to play up (well with flash?) was KB2926765. We removed this patch from the base and the problem no longer occured. It's possible that it affects machines with the nic I217-LM, but probably a revision as it did not happen on the 9020.

Update: I think it is to do with driver injection and i7 cpu's. We still had some issues after this with drivers not installing correctly on i7's. Using the x64 boot wim resolved this.

Would love to hear if anyone else encounters this.