August, 2014

SCCM USB Boot disk creator


I made a little program that sets up usb drives to be bootable into OSD winpe. I made it because we are getting devices without dvd drives that can't pxe boot and our techs don't have access to create bootable usb's from the console as they need the dp cert and password.

You generate a boot iso from the console, then copy the cd contents to the source folder where the program resides.

Program and my bad source code (if anyone wants to improve it)[1]

Dot Net 3.5
A bootable iso generated from the SCCM Console

Copy all files from the bootable iso to the source folder that resides with the exe.
Distribute as you wish.

KB: Software Updates That Require Multiple Reboots may Cause Task Sequence Failure

e8awrnxxmakjls54u09oyg39271If a task sequence is not continuing after the Install update step it is probably due to component based servicing.

You can easily find it by searching this text in the relevent log. The update will be mentioned 5 lines above.

Look in %windir%logsCBS

 CBS has signaled TrustedInstaller that a reboot is required. list some of the updates that do this.


The latest one I have found is KB2973351. To work around this problem I created a deployment  group called Multiple Reboots that the capture machine isn't in.

I will update below any more:

kb2984976 - Thanks

BDEDrive size



It helps to set a bit more space for this partition if you add more components to the boot wim, I chose to use 1GB. SCCM uses the drive with the most space that isn't encrypted to copy the boot wim down. We had issues in operating system deployment if the boot wim needed to be downloaded, the task sequence would fail as there wasn't enough space to store the boot wim.